Taemin & Kai joining each other’s fandom~ 。◕‿◕。


28 Semptember - I with my friends went to saw Led Apple on fanmeeting in Warsaw! About 6pm when everyone sat on the floor boys. They entered through the main door, waved to us and went into the back room for a moment. All clapped of them and then waited for their return. After a few minutes the boys came, they stood behind the table, introduced themselves and sat on the railways. We clapping and shouting after every member how to introduce, but the biggest squeals were on Hanbyul. It was evident that he has the most fans. But I most looked at Kwangyeon. He was so cute, sweet and so handsome. Organizer induced after the other person that won the possibility of getting autographs from Led Apple. Unfortunately, I failed but my friend won! After she walked up to them, received autographs and returned, she told us that they are charming and nice and are very handsome up close.And that Hanbyul has the most make up! Haha. The boys were still cheerful, waving to us and pretended to shoot at us with pensThe most interaction with fans had Kyumin and Kwangyeon. Hyoseok seemed tired and all the time sitting in a hood on his head. My friend drew on a piece of heart and wrote in the middle: I ♥ Led Apple. Hanbyul looked up at us when machałyśmy card, but I think he couldn’t see the string, because he had a face-centered haha. When each of the winners already received a signed poster, got up and then Hanbyul said that Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and can’t wait for the show on Saturday. He also said that they’re so sad that so short they could stay with us. *only 20 minut and the meeting would last an hour! those organizers * Boys said goodbye and went back to the back room. Everyone went outside and waited for the taxi for them. After some 15 minutes the boys came out, and Youngjun stared at us and almost stepped on the grass, but soon turned to the sidewalk. Everyone laughed at him and he had the joy of it. Boys got into two taxis and when they leave they waved goodbye. Boys were very cheerful, despite the fact that such a short time they saw us. I look forward to the concert on Saturday!

Don’t you have a dream?!

tao taking a selca ≧◔◡◔≦